Poker is a card game that has evolved for more than a thousand years from different games which involved the basic principles of domino combinations or ranked card and using “bluffs” to confuse opponents. Some say that a poker-like game was first invented by the Chinese during the rule of Emperor Mu-tsung. Others believed that in the 12th and 13thcenturies, Egyptians have used playing cards. Similarly,Reasons to Learn Poker	 Articles “Poque”, a French game and “Pochen”, a German game were both developed from the Spanish game known as “Primero” in the 16th century. They all had similar game principles and techniques which is why they are associated with what is known today as poker.


A card game that requires discipline, patience and calculation is what poker is all about. People learn pokerfor many reasons. One reason is to fulfill social functions. Like golf, poker is a social game that can be used as a way to network or socialize with business associates and potential clients. Some important business deals are closed after a game of poker and by learning the game one creates a good platform for social and business mingling. Poker is also a good way to test one’s mental discipline and strategic ability. As the game involves strategic calculations, poker players develop a resilient skill in stressful situations.


Other people learn poker for fun and as a perfect 파주 op way to unwind and de-stress. This game can gather friends together and have fun playing the game when certain things go awry. By having fun while playing poker, one becomes recharged and de-stressed and more prepared to face more of life’s challenges. Still, many others play poker to win money. Those who have mastered the game can join competitive poker tournaments where attractive prizes await the winner. One gets to enjoy playing poker and at the same time have the opportunity to earn some extra cash.


The game of poker requires that players have a good understanding of the rules of the game. By being familiar with the do’s and don’ts of the game, one is able to employ effective strategies to win the game. A lot of online resources offering comprehensive information about the rules of poker are available for those who are interested in mastering the game. Also, one can learn the game by observing how other players tackle the game through videos of poker instructions available in many video game shops. Poker video games can also be a good source of learning as one gets helpful tips from such videos.


After learning the rules and principles of poker, one needs to test the knowledge by actually playing the game. One may host a friendly poker game with friends or family members at home so one can put to practice what has been learned from books, videos and other players. Alternatively, one can visit a poker game club or house and join one table with the lowest bet, just so the experience with the actual game is gained. Over repeated friendly poker games, one can develop the skills and learn the techniques and strategies of playing poker. The next game could get one ready for the big bet.

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