Cryptojacking is hackers use of somebody else phone,Bitcoin Latest Scam Cryptojacking Articles iPad or laptop to mine cryptocurrency. They do not need to hack into your Bitcoin wallet. Hacker can easily get access to your electronic appliances and steal your CPU power to start mining for themselves. They can do that by simply sending you a link through email, Facebook, Instagram and so on. That why we shouldn’t click on the link that is sent by strangers. It will be very hard to detect if your phone, CPU and laptop got cryptojacking because it shows only one symptom which is lagging continues. It might seem normal to you because you think that the phone is “ageing” but your electronic appliances are secretly working for others.

Why hackers like cryptojacking? One of the main reasons is that cryptojacking is very hard to trace back. Cryptojacking is a low risk but high return investment. We all know that BTC mining is not an easy job a laptop will use about 10 years to finish mining one bitcoin. But can you imagine if someone got thousand of computers mining freely from them? Let’s do simple math. You will get 1000Bitcoin after 10 years. Each Bitcoin cost you about 7500USD and eventually will raise to about 15000USD over the next 10years. 1000 multiply by 7500USd You will get about 7.5million worth of USD over the next 10 years automatically going inside his Bitcoin Walletand might even grow more. What if the hacker got 10 000 computers mining for him free? Yeah, it must be a lot.

Hackers only need to bait you into ads and have you clicking inside. The coding that already written by him will automatically run and that is it. He will just let his computer to do his work. He does not require to sit in front of the computer working every day. It also did not require a skilful hacker to do so. Even though it sounds so good but cryptojacking is illegal! It is against the law of Bitcoin regulations. Hacker likes to mine cryptocurrency coin such as Monero compares to bitcoin as monero community is less active than bitcoin community they did not want to get caught so fast.

Crytojacking is the newest hacker trend as it is easy to set up, more secure and high in return. Is there any way that we can prevent cryptojacking happen to us? Yes, of course, every disease has its own medicine to cure. You can install an ads blocker to block all the ads pop up to prevent you from accidentally clicking into the ads. It also can detect the presence of cryptojacking scripts. Next, we should avoid clicking into random link inside the email. They can put their cookie inside the link and when you click inside your computer will start mining for them. These two is the primary way that how they put their coding inside your computer follow these precaution step to prevent you from working for them.

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